An Indonesian Girl in Concord

Yesterday I went to Walnut Creek, CA with Tosa, Pianti, Mbak Parti and Naila. 🙂 There is shopping arcade and it is sale season. Uuu.. yippie, sale is always beautiful. I bought this really nice GAP jeans. And I also found something nice for my brother.. 🙂

I really enjoy hanging out with Tosa’s family. They are really nice and adorable. Pianti, his wife, is really nice. I really like talking to her. And Naila, his daughter, is soo cute. I love playing with her.. 🙂 They are expecting another baby.. 🙂 It’s due on next November. Wow.. I just wish all the best for them.. 🙂
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Sunny Day..

Thank God, today is sunny day in Concord. The wheather is nice. Not as cold as yesterday. It’s a lot warmer.. 🙂

I’m going to spend this weekend with Tosa’s Family… 🙂 Pianti, his wife and their adorable daughter, Naila.. 🙂 I don’t know where to go. So probably, I’ll just follow them. Hehehehe.. (murahan mode on, kemana-mana ayuk.. :P)
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I Made My Decision in Condord

I finally arrived in Concord. Concord is a small city just one hour from San Francisco. Not so many things we can do actually in here. But, one thing for sure. This city is beautiful. Gorgeous view with Mount Diablo as the background. I feel very peaceful in here.
Something about this place that makes me feel comfortable. I really can think clearly about everything. Especially about my choices.

Hmm.. After full consideration. I finally made my decision. I will take that once in a lifetime opportunity and I will try to live it. I think that is the best decision for me and also for my family. I’m sure I’m going to miss some of people that I’ve been working with. It’s inevitable. But I must embrace all of it. It’s not gonna be easy. I know. But well, I must stick with my choice. One thing for sure. I’m going to miss Manila. I’m going to miss my apartement..:) Nooo.. I’m going to miss the people there. Great people, great supervisor, great working environtment. What else can you ask for it ? And finally, I’m going to miss my best friend… Mmm.. ok, I start crying now.. :'(
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Aku balik ke Jakarta.. Yeay.. Kangen sahur di rumah.. Kangen puasa di Jakarta.. Kangen tarawih di Jakarta.. Kangen mama papa.. Kangen adekku.. Kangen temen-temen.. Kangen masakan padang (loh ?).. Kangen kucing2xku.. Kangen kamarku.. Kangen duta suara sabang.. Kangen telpon2xan ga jelas sama si Jenong.. Kangen ngobrol sama Meti.. Kangen nyela si Michel.. Kangen semuanya deh..

I want to enjoy next week. Kata Arie I’m complaining too much. Ok babe,I agree, I also felt that. Jadinya gw mau nikmatin aja semua yang ada sekarang. As I told you before.. Eventough all of this things. I’m soo grateful.. 🙂 Mudah-mudahan semuanya lancar-lancar aja yaaa.. Amieen..
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In the corner of my room..

I just feel very tired.. I just received the news that I will go to the State next week. What ? Next Week ? Am I kidding myself ? Unfortunately.. I’m not kidding.. Well, my boss definitely serious for sending me to US next week.

I finally can set up an interview for US visa next Wednesday. Huff.. I feel like I lost my breath and I lost myself. Two days ago I just got back from Vienna. And then, the next day I went straight to Manila. I thought I can rest in here. But nope, unfortunately I can not rest in the next 7 days. I must prepare myself for the US visa interview. Only 4 days in Manila and I’ll go back to Jakarta. And if I got the visa, I will go to US on October 14.
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