..A New Era..

When you finally got to the final line of a race.. You must feel different.. You’re not running again in the track. Or maybe you’re running again, but in the different track. Either you realize it or not.. either you want it or not.. But somehow.. someway.. it must feel different.. It is the end of something and of course start of something new..

When I graduated in February 2005.. I thought my whole life is gonna be the same.. My friends situation is gonna be the same.. And myself of course is gonna be the same.. I mean, Hey.. it’s only graduation day.. We will still be friends right ? We will walk in the same path right ? But now.. I realize.. that It never be the same again..

We will choose our path now.. We will walk in differect direction.. As example, when my dear friend Dini has gone to Korea to continue her study.. I just feel like.. hey, it’s only Korea.. She will back soon eventually.. So I didn’t feel as emotional as Pit2x..:P But when we gathered at Memed’s birthday last friday.. I felt.. different.. Dini was not with us.. In that moment.. I felt like.. it’s changing already..

And then I heard that Ami finally got her visa to UK. Her flight was on last Saturday. I went to airport to bid farewell to her.. And when I hug her.. I didn’t know where it was coming.. I cried.. I really felt, like I am losing something.. I mean, Ami is like.. my best friend in college.. When we still a newbies.. we suffered a lot together.. 😛 We’ve been through many things together.. The good times.. the bad times.. And in the last days in college, we struggle together.. And finally we achieved what we really want…

Well.. in the end.. I got my own conclusion.. Changing is always happen.. Whether you like it or not.. But the end of an era will always be follow with the start of an era also.. Indeed, a new era.. with new friends and also.. new challenge..:D