-My Infatuation-

Well, it’s been a while since I have feeling like this. Quite strange indeed, because he is definitely not my type (my friend’s opinion). But it just really like a perfect crush. I mean he is like perfect man. Smart, tall, dark, handsome.. Hmm.. handsome.. no.. no.. the perfect way to describe him is really.. really.. really.. good looking…:))

Too good too be true huh ? DEFINITELY.. Eventough he is like ‘perfect’.. But if you see the other side. He is also.. Very..very.. unreachable..:)) You only can see it.. But to have it.. I think it is really IMPOSSIBLE..:)) Not my level indeed.. Hehehe.. I mean, I’m not his level..:P

But I don’t bother at all. I found it very refreshing, to have feeling like this. I just want to enjoy it, and I don’t want to take it very serious..:P Well, he is my infatuation.. definitely !!:D