I wish I were WonderWoman !!!

One bloody day.. And suddenly I wish I were Wonder Woman !! Hehehehe.. Well.. She’s gorgeous.. she’s sexy.. And she really have her attitude.. She can beat batman and spiderman if she wants.. And superman is down in his knees for her.. She has strong heart and strong will.. Never gave up and always try her best to save the world.. :)) She can do almost everything that is impossible.. And the most important is, nobody.. I mean nobody.. can break her down..

Funny, that somehow I really.. really want to be like her.. Being somebody who has self-confident like tiger.. Never afraid of taking chances.. and never hesitate to speak her mind.. She can run as fast as she can.. And also.. she can handle every bullets that come to her way.. Living the life exactly like she wants.. Yeps right.. exactly as she wants.. sigh..