Paul Gilbert .vs. SMOMA

Just bought their CDs.. Quit a choice right ? Hihihihi.. Well, for the first choice, is recomended by my cousin, who is a big fan of Paul Gilbert.. When I first heard the name, I said “Who the hell is Paul Gilbert ?” Hihihihihi…. And he just scream at me (hiperbolic way) ” Oh my god, you don’t know Paul G ?, Where part on the earth do you live huh, if you don’t know Paul G ?” Hihihihi.. Very hiperbolic.. And I said, “Oh get it.. Mr. Big guitarist.. oh my god, your so 80s..” and then he continued to scream at me, and told me how good he really is (Paul G).. And after I promise to listen to his new CD, my cousin stop screaming at me.. So, I take my chance, I bought his new CD, without any hope at all that I’m gonna like it.. ;)) But strange thing is, when I bought the CD, there was another man who was looking for his new CD, and the CD that I was holding is the last copy in the store.. And he just beg to me, to give the last copy for him.. And I said, “Is he really good ?” And guess what, he told me everything about this Paul G, just like the way my cousin told me (screaming kinda way..) ;P.. I found it so funny, because there is people who really like this guy.. Well, I finally bought his CD, and already finished listen to it.. Hmm.. not bad.. not bad at all.. I guess the right word is, he is really good… no wonder that there are 2 peoples screaming at me in the same day about Paul G.. hihihihi ;)) Overall, the album is good but for my honest, not my kind of music, but he is good.. definitely.. and my brother agree with me..:)

Ok, my second choice is SMOMA… hehehe.. get it, “Who the hell is SMOMA ?” Well, I just know it from the sales man in duta suara, who is happen to be my friend.. And he said, there is a new jazz group from Italy.. And he said the album is quite best seller for jazz artist, and he gave me a chance to listen to their CD.. First time listened to their music, I just click.. Wow.. this is my kind of music.. I’m instantly fall in love with their styles.. Eventhough the song is like old song, recycle song.. But they played it in very unique way, very different, definitely very fun.. đŸ˜€ Fufufufu.. I knew it.. I always love jazz.. Like chicago said, It’s all that jazz..:D