Very Blue

It just make my heart broken, just to know that something that I really love to do, is not that enjoyable again.. And that is because some person who is very wrong… Sometimes, I just want to say, I quit.. But that is not suppose to be like that.. I mean, I’m not a quitter.. I should be strong enough to handle pressure..

And maybe I think, is the pressure is too much ? How can I compare it ? It should be not that complicated.. But then I realise.. The people factor is very important.. You can walk into dessert with only a bottle of water with you.. If you are alone, I believe you will get desperate quickly.. But if you have companion, a very good companion, I believe there is still jokes and also fun in it..

But hey, maybe this is the real life.. You can not predict the future, you can not arrange what will happen.. And sometimes you just can not see things.. I am so grateful that I always try to be very positive.. Positive thinking, just make your life more easier.. It just like your shield.. But every shield have capacity.. When you reveal the real truth on you.. You can very dissapointing.. hmm.. with yourself..

I don’t know what I really want in these days.. Maybe I just need a real good vacation.. Or maybe I just need a real good night sleep.. Or maybe I just need a real good companion, to rely too.. Well, I hope I can smile for today.. I don’t want to feel this blue again.. I want to be the old me.. Happy positive thinking kinda gal..