Why ?

I can not close my eyes.. And I should go to bed right now.. The bad situation this morning, still on my mind.. I just can not help it, how I become very sad.. Indeed, I feel sad.. Feel very broken hearted.. Dissapointed.. And I still can not find a way to see at the bright side.. It just sucks !! And it still and probably will always be sucks !!

Gee.. why I feel like this.. Why I let this take the best of me.. One of my friend said to me earlier that only me who know the best of me.. But I still felt like I’m drowning.. Slowly.. but sure..

I just wish I can go numb for the next 3 weeks.. Maybe it is better that I don’t feel a thing.. I just do what I must do.. I just do what everybody think I must do.. Couldn’t care less about what I want, and what I feel about.. Just do it, or don’t do it.. You don’t think.. just follow it.. Hmm.. yeps.. numb enough I guess..

Well, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.. Luckily, I got my new unit.. So.. I have something to do.. That will distract me for a while, don’t forget I still got many things to see and fix.. Well, just put my ear phone, put some loud music, work and go numb…