Yes, I really Enjoyed this last 2 Weeks..

It’s been a while since I updated my last blog. When I went to London, it’s been quite an experienced.. I was scared.. But I didn’t feel nervous at all.. It’s all I really want..

Just thinking about London always makes me smile.. Smell of pine tree in English neighbourhood.. And the courtesy of the people who always say ‘Good Morning’, ‘Excuse Me’,’Thank you’ and ‘Sorry’.. Don’t forget magnificent places that I went on.. Bells of Big Ben, Pigeons at Trafalgar Square, Beefeater at Tower of London, Mummies at British Museum, Burger King at Leicester Square, Woman in White at Palace Theatre, Cute Guard at Buckingham Palace (hihihihihi..:P), nice shop at Marble Arch and covent garden, listened Daniel Powter’s song at Joi Buffet, Double Decker, Underground tube and also 4 Chimneys Avenue Hendon.. I miss all of those.. And I really want to go back again.. I hope I still got oportunity to go back to London..

After I went back to office, I got many things to do to prepare Accenture outing at Dago Bandung, Syngenta project performance, don’t forget practice for Accenture Band.. Oh yeah, finally I got new project (fiuuh), and the adaptation for it is already begin, HR module my next challenge.. It’s been quite a crazy week, less sleep but I enjoyed every second of it.

And the result it’s quite alright.. Our performance is good !! Not perfect, but it’s okay..:) Syngenta project performance also got good response.. Many people think our performance is funny.. Soo.. Funny.. (-read- Fanny..:P) Thx God for it !! :)) Well then, thx for every person in Syngenta who can make this happen.. And all accenture band’s personel for their hardwork and dedication.. I really enjoyed performing with all of you guys !! Can’t hardly wait for the next outing.. We will rock again guys !! πŸ™‚ Hehe.. oh yeah, and don’t forget my lucky factor.. I won doorprize Nokia CDMA 6585.. Huehehehe.. Definitely, I enjoyed last outing !! πŸ˜€

Well, I think it’s time for me to focus on my next goal for my career.. Hope I can make improvement in my performance.. Just enjoy my new project, enjoy every moment of it, improve my ‘ABAP’ skill, improve my ‘functional’ skill (hope for oportunity..), and .. just make my life better than yesterday.. πŸ™‚