No Title

Silent for a moment
And I wish I could see the light
Take me higher, I beg you
Just take my hand and I will be stronger…

Don’t leave me in this cold moment
Where this madness is slowly killing my soul
I must go, I can’t stay
Just say the word and I will go..

Heartbearer I see in the corner
Waiting for rain to pour the earth
Tick tock, and the clock is still ticking
Oh just save my soul and I will adore you..

But even stranger can see that It’s over
And somehow I wish not to see
I trapped in this hollow dream
Just leave me and never look back

I wish what I wish
I get what I get
Am I happy with that ?
Just talk to me and I will know the truth..

It will over in every second the world turns
And yet, I will keep hoping this dream will never end
I will be vulnerable yet miserable
But just stay with me and I will fight for you…