Whatever Will Be..

I just made the hardest decision in my life..I don’t know how I really feels right know.. What I know is, this is the best for both of us.. Maybe we just don’t meant for each other.. And I really hope all the best for him.. He’s a great guy, and I hope he will find his true soul mate..

I’m such a big liar if I said that I’m ok.. The truth is.. Somehow it really hurts.. But I made my decision, and I already have thought about it for about a month..

Well, another episode ended.. And still I must continue my life.. I don’t know where this road lead me to.. I just hope for the best.. And keep up the good spirit.. I know I’m feeling really low right now.. But Ramadhan is coming..:D And I must prepare myself for it.. Life goes on.. and whatever will be.. will be..