..an evening of jazz.. nice !!

It just blow me away.. Just watched all Indonesia jazz musician played in a very nice concert.. From all of the performers, I think duet from Indra Lesmana and Bubi Chen played ragtime.. is the best.. It so obvious that both of them is really great musician.. One is living legend.. of course, Mr Bubi Chen… and One is going to be.. I guess.. 😛 But unfortunately, there is quite annoying noise from the sound system when they played.. 🙁 But well, It didn’t stop the fun.. I really enjoyed all of the performers..

What I didn’t expect that the atmosphere of the concert is quite romantic I guess.. I just melt when Andien sang ‘I Love You For Sentimental Reason’ and when Tompi sang ‘Selalu Denganmu’.. Huhu.. I wish I were there with someone I love.. Well, I get a little bit sentimental for that.. 😛

Anyway, well I guess I had great time at the concert.. Hope there will be more like this in the future..