my mom’s birthday

Yesterday, me and my family celebrate my mom’s birthday at Sailendra. Just casual dinner with my mom’s sister and her family. Well, my mom didn’t expect anything. But me and my brother already prepare surprise for my mom. After we finished eating, suddenly there was band who sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and the waiter came up with birthday cake.. And then we all sang happy birthday to my mom.. Clearly she didn’t expect that, and it’s so obvious that she’s nervous.. But after we finished sang ‘Happy Birthday’, she blew the candle, and she looked very happy..

I’m so happy that she’s happy with the surprise.. And after that, the band is still at our place. They sang one of my mom’s favourite. And then after they finished, my mom asked me to sang for her in front of everybody.. Damn, I just stunned, but I can not refused my mom.. And I said, ‘What do you want me to sing ?’ , and my mom said, ‘Karena Cinta, I loved when you sang that song, and I want you to sing it for me..’ Hohoho.. after she said that, I really can not refuse her.. I sang that song for her in front of everybody.. Fiuuh, thank god I didn’t make any mistake when singing that song..

Well, I guess we had great time last night. I’m so happy that my mom really enjoy her birthday… 🙂 Hope she will have great life to come.. Love you always mom.. 😉

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