I can not find the answer..
It’s more complicated that I imagined before..
Yes stranger, it’s you I think..
I barely know you, yet I feel like have knowing you for all of my life..
It’s funny how you always makes me laugh..
It’s also weird, how you make me comfortable even in a very strange ways..
I always enjoy being around you..
Yet, I cast you away from my heart since in the beginning I know you..
I feel you like brother..
But I know you are more than brother to me..
It’s hard to end relationship with the one before..
But to gain courage to start all over, I don’t have any strength..
I know you understand, but do you really know what you want ?
I am confused, but please don’t be like me..
You must make decision..
Yet I am terrified waiting for your decision..
I am selfish..
Yes I know that..
But how can I explain the tears that falling from my eyes ?
Thinking that you’re going to leave me..
It’s killing me just to think about it..
I don’t know how to end this..
Maybe this is it..
You will always be stranger to me..
But I’ll always wish I met you in different life..
In different situation..
You’re like my half..
I feel that…
I wish for your happiness..
Because you are the kindest person I’ve ever known in my life..
Cheers for you..