Talk about Puteri Indonesia in Miss Universe pageant..

I’m proud.. there is no reason why we should not participate in the pageant. And of course I’m very proud to Artika Sari Devi, Putri Indonesia 2005. She made into big 15 in the competition. She can show to the world that Indonesian woman is as smart as any woman in other country.

Of course I have the same expectation to Nadine Chandrawinata, Putri Indonesia 2006. I hope she also can show the world what Artika already showed before. Maybe even better.

But you know what ? I’m very dissapointed to her. I watched her interview video for Miss Universe 2006 pageant in the miss universe website. She is soo beautiful. But I think she need more workout in the way she speak, especially in English. Her English is not that good 🙁 Very dissapointing, especially she is Putri Indonesia 2006. Oh my god, I think my lil brother can speak English much better than her.

Why I can say that ?. Well, you must check out the interview, then you can judge her. Her pronounciation is not good. She made very stupid mistake when she answered the question.

Example :
Q : Who is your idol ?
N : My admire is Mother Theresa..bla..bla..bla…. I really adore at her..
Q : What do you want the rest of the world to know about your country ?
N : Indonesia is a beautiful city..

Well, I’m quite speechless looking at her interview. I mean, stupid right ? Indonesia is a beautiful city ? Yeah right, can she tell the different between city and country ? Huff, I don’t make that up. You can see it by yourself.

Hmm.. but I understand the tension, but hey that only one to one interview and the interview is not on the stage. I hope she can perform better when the big day come. I really wish she can achieve more than Artika. She got the look, but she need to improve her soft skill..