Full Moon in Sanur Beach

It’s soo beautiful.. Just after finishing support, second day in Bali. Around 10:00 pm, we decided to take a walk on Sanur Beach. It’s very quite and a little bit cloudy. At first we can not see the moon because of the clouds covered the moon. But after a while, the moon is finally showed up. It’s a full moon. Very beautiful.. And the moon light is very bright. The combination of the sea and the moon light is very breathtaking. One thing that you can not see in Jakarta. It’s very peacefull, and I really enjoy the moment very much. One of the moments that you can only find in Bali.

Well, I just hope I can enjoy Bali more than I expected. Because if you are in Bali for business. It’s kinda hard to explore Bali as much as you want. Especially when your boss is on of the most workaholic person you’ve ever known.. Thank God there is Pipil here. Hahahaha..:P

I think Monday is not gonna be easy day for us. Huff.. Just try to stay still and sane..