Berlin, 26 September 2006
Fasanenstrasse 22, Restaurant’s Balcony..

It’s 6:11 in the evening, and the weather is nice. I just checking my email, while enjoying a cup of cafe latte.. I really enjoy every moment I spent in this wonderful city. I love watching people here, watching people doing their activities while I’m only spectator for them. Just can not realize that, I’m on this position now. Not doing my usual activities.. 🙂
Hmm.. what’s new from me ? I met this cute German guy today. Hehehe, accidentally.. 🙂 He’s already late going to work, and when he tried catching the train he’s accidentally bump into me. Well, I stand in front of train’s door. And when he tried to enter the train, he’s accidentally bump into me and then he (accidentally) spilled his coffee in my jeans.. 🙁 Not a very good start for me really.. But it turn nice btw.. He said sorry in Germany.. Which, the language that I don’t understand.. 🙁 I said to him that I can not understand Germany, and I don’t understand what he tried to say to me. And then he tried to speak English to me. Thank God.. 🙂

Well, and then we had this nice conversation.. Err.. for only 6 stations.. Hehehe, at least I can get his name.. 🙂 His name is Frederick.. Working as web developer in some Germany’s software company. I can not remember his company’s name, because it’s in Germany (oh my god, what’s wrong with me and Germany language.. 🙁 ) Anyway, and then he asked about me, what am I doing here ? Am I still a student ? and etc.. Well, he quite surprised knowing that I already working and I work in Accenture. The Funny thing is he said that.. ‘hmm.. I have no idea that consultant like you can take any vacation.. you guys should be work..work..work.. ‘.. I just smiled, what he said is exactly the same as Nigel said to me a day before I took my vacation.. Well.. Consultant is also a human right ? (baca : konsultan kan juga manusia.. ;)) Hehehe.. I just told him that.. ‘Well, it’s not that impossible for me to take vacation.. I just need the right time and situation also.. But somehow things are little bit tricky.. You need more push to have want you want.. When the urge from yourself for breaking free is getting stronger.. You just need to do it.. And.. I guess that is what I’m doing right now..’ He smiled at me.. And then he said that it’s a pleasure to meet me. And he asked me whether I want to have dinner with him.. He want to hear my story more.. And then, last thing I can not expect is, he gave me his phone number, he told me to call him if I have time to go to dinner with him… Hahahahaha.. 🙂 Nice huh.. Unexpected.. Yet that was very nice..

Nice guy.. But I don’t think I will call him. Why ? It’s soo obvious, I can not date with stranger.. Ahahahahahahaha.. ;))