My First Dinner Party..

Yesterday, I had dinner invitation from my client who is in the same team with me. His name is Nigel. And he is from New Zealand. He and his wife, Sam, invited me, Christine and also Bow. They invited us to have dinner in their apartment in Fraser.

When we first arrived, Nigel introduced us to his wife. Her name is Sam. And she is really nice and also really eager to served us with her cuisine.. 🙂 At first, we just chat in the living room. They prepared it very well, the place. They put candles everywhere and also they adjusted the light. It makes the atmosphere more cozy and intimate also. The music is also very nice. Mixed of Jazz and Latin. I never attended something like that before. I used to see it in the movies, but never experienced it. So I assume that was my first experienced. Haha.. grown up people stuff.. 🙂

And then, we started the dinner. Sam cooked us Beef Stew with rice. Rice ? Hmm.. interesting.. I never tought that people like them really cooked rice as their main course. Well.. look who’s talking now.. I feel so shallow.. 🙁 Hehe.. And also Sam served us bread. She baked the bread on her own. Wow.. fascinating.. And the bread tasted really nice. I put on it olive oil and also butter. Very yummy… 🙂 The food is like east meet west. Fantastic.. 🙂

And after we finished main course. Well, I guess there is no appetizer.. Hehe.. We jumped into dessert. The dessert is the best. Sam cooked us Merange. What is Merange ? Basically it’s a mixed of white egg and sugar. And then you mixed it until it becomes bubbly and the color change into white, as white as snow. And then you baked it. When you ate it, you will feel something melting in your mouth.. Hmm yummy.. We ate the Merange with mixed fruit (pinapple, mangos and strawberry..) yum..yum.. and the best part is, we added Hagen Daz strawberry ice cream that we bought earlier, into it. The result is one ticket to a very..very.. fantastic desert..

After dessert, Sam offered us Tea or Coffee.. And then we just sat and chat.. We really enjoyed our conversation, and we didn’t realise that time is already 11 PM. And we just realised because Arie (who promised to pick me up after dinner…:P) called me. Oops.. sorry Rie.. 😛

But overall, it was a very nice evening. Both of them are really nice. And their children is really adorable. I’m soo happy that I had chance to meet people like them… 🙂
Well, it was another great experienced that I had in Manila. It’s only like almost 2 weeks since I’ve come to here. And I already feel like home. But, what’s up with me ? Finally, I’m going to fly back tomorrow morning. Uuuu.. I really… really… really… miss my Mom.. my Dad.. my lil’ Brother… I miss my girls also.. And I miss Sate Ayam… Nyam…

Hehehehehe… 🙂 Soo excited… And especially on Saturday, I will fly to Berlin… Yeaaa… My vacation finally arrive… 😀 Hehe, not only my vacation but also Ramadhan is coming. Soo.. I want to say Happy Fasting everybody… Mohon Maap Lahir Batin.. 😀