You Thai ? I Thai Too !!

Huehehehe.. That’s a piece of funny prank calls that Arie showed me before. So Funny.. Taiwanese guy doing some prank call to Thai restaurant..

Well I don’t want to talk about that prank calls. The prank calls just reminds me of my current project. So many Thai people in this project. My direct supervisor is Thai and my team-mate is also Thai. Both of them are girls. I never experienced working with Thai people before. But for what I can see right now, I think both of them are fine. They are very nice and I think I get along with them very well.

My team-mate’s name is Bow. Funny huh ? Bow that is like ribbon. Hehe.. Her full name is Panida, but her family call her Bow. I think she is a shy girl. And for my first impression I never think that I can get along with her very well. But, I guess I’m wrong. She is soo nice. We can talk almost everything. She is very lovable. And I’m quite enjoying talking to her. And eventough we only know each other for only 3 days. We already have secret together. Funny huh ? She promise to teach me how to cook Tom Yam. After she fly back to Thailand next week. She’ll need to ask her mother about the recipe. Hehehe..

Well, and then about my supervisor. Her name is Christine. She is soo pretty. Bow and I really adore her. She is soo nice to us. And I think she really take care of us pretty well. Like for example, when I need room for praying (because in Manila moslem is minority so it is not common to have praying room in their office), she help me to find empty room that I can use for praying. And even when we had lunch, she always make sure that there is no pork in that restaurant, so I can eat. At least there is non-pork food that I can choose. She is just like our mother in that team. She is still young yet she already become a manager.

We plan to go to Tagaytay this weekend. I’m soo excited. I will take a lot of picture with them. Hehehe.. Of course I will go to Tagaytay with Arie. My personal and best bodyguard.. Hehe.. oops.. Sorry Rie….:P

Overall, I’m quite happy in this project. Hehe.. maybe I can say that because they haven’t got me any task to do yet. But I already saw the work plan. And I think I’m quite excited to start working. Hehehe.. 😉

I really like it here. And I think it is ok to stay for almost 1 year in Manila. I already like the environtment. My apartement is quite nice too. It is really cozy. I know is not that big like in Fraser. But it’s all mine. Well, I’m orginally a loner, so I guess it suit me well. I like it very much.

So will I face a dilemma in the next two weeks ? Will see.. I just hope, Allah will show me the best way. Still hoping and wishing.. Oh yeah, one thing I miss. I miss My Family !!! But they will give one time fly back to Jakarta every month. So I guess it is ok.. Right ? And my vacation is already approved with my manager. So I will fly back to Jakarta next week. 🙂 Soo Happy !! Berlin.. here I come !!! 😀