An Indonesian Girl in Concord

Yesterday I went to Walnut Creek, CA with Tosa, Pianti, Mbak Parti and Naila. 🙂 There is shopping arcade and it is sale season. Uuu.. yippie, sale is always beautiful. I bought this really nice GAP jeans. And I also found something nice for my brother.. 🙂

I really enjoy hanging out with Tosa’s family. They are really nice and adorable. Pianti, his wife, is really nice. I really like talking to her. And Naila, his daughter, is soo cute. I love playing with her.. 🙂 They are expecting another baby.. 🙂 It’s due on next November. Wow.. I just wish all the best for them.. 🙂

Anyway, did u ever see episodes from Sex and the City called An America Girl in Paris ? Well, I watched that episode in here last Tuesday. And somehow, that episode is quite inspiring me (exact word, slap me really hard in the face) to keep my life in the right track ( I almost slipped away). Hehehe.. 🙂 Maybe that’s why I always like Sex and the City. It can relate to you, in several ways.

I just find out something weird about someone I hardly know. He always think that I know him very well. But the truth is, I just feel very weird about him. He always take everything I said to him as compliment. Eventough I always try to saritize him all the time. Because, he is what people say about one hell of a fake person. He try to manipulate people and convince them that he is genuine to them. But, I am no fool. He can not fool me for sure. And please, don’t you ever pretend that you know me. Because you don’t know a shit about me. (yes, I believe you’re reading my blog right now..)

Wow.. ok, that’s enough for the cynical moment. Hahahaha… :)) Well, I just feel like I am changing into someone that I always afraid to be. I just feel relief. Now, I just want to be with my family and my friends. And sometime in the future, I just want to find someone that is comfortable with me as I am comfortable with him. Mmm.. and I hope If I find that someone, we will not separate because of thousand years old conflicts and issues.