Sunny Day..

Thank God, today is sunny day in Concord. The wheather is nice. Not as cold as yesterday. It’s a lot warmer.. 🙂

I’m going to spend this weekend with Tosa’s Family… 🙂 Pianti, his wife and their adorable daughter, Naila.. 🙂 I don’t know where to go. So probably, I’ll just follow them. Hehehehe.. (murahan mode on, kemana-mana ayuk.. :P)

Well, I already submit my resignation letter. So it’s now counting down to my last day on this firm. It’s never be an easy decision for me. When I submitted my resignation letter, the whole year I spent in Accenture is flashing in my mind. My first day.. My first community meeting.. My first project.. My first ABAP program.. First time receiving call from my FDer, and how I was soo clumsy and nervous enough and then give the phone back to Monis.. haha.. 🙂 Oh yeah, my first supervisor.. My first pain in the ass client.. First time band practice with Accenture band.. First song I sang in the band.. Our first performance.. My first outing.. Core Analyst School.. 🙂 My first training session.. First time support on site.. First time working abroad.. First time living alone, far from my family.. and.. First time sending my resignation letter..

It’s all coming back in a circle now. I must start all over again. But I believe, this is the best way for me. So I hope they will find my replacement in the short time. I really enjoy working in this firm. Truly one hell of experience for me (in a very good way). I’m going to miss all of the people in Accenture.