Wise woman said..

Many of us mistake the act of traveling for venturing into the unknown, leaving the security of our home and all that we possess behind us, and always with a lurking fear that we might perhaps lose our way, never to return. But you, the wise traveler, knows that in setting forth we are finally leaving the foreign land where we have strayed and over stayed and begin the long journey back to our real home..

Home.. it is a common word yet it is also really meaningful for me lately.. Well, this words I quoted from Desi Anwar. My friend Arie, read it in her exhibition. And then he told me about this. This is really good..:)
Btw, I forgot to tell Happy Lebaran.. Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin.. 🙂
I celebrated Lebaran in Wisma Indonesia in San Francisco. It is really nice btw. I met fellow Indonesian there. And the best part is to eat Ketupat Sayur + Rendang + Sambal Goreng Hati.. Uuu.. nyam-nyam.. It makes me remember about home. Huhuhu..

After we finished eating and ‘silaturahmi’.. Hehe.. We went to Port of San Francisco, and also went to Golden Gate. I just realize that San Francisco is really nice. It is beautiful and very peaceful. The landscape is really unique. Uuu.. I really like it here.. 🙂

Well It’s one week already. 3 weeks before I begin the long journey back to my home. But I just wonder. If I come home, will I feel at home ?