And Finally.. I turned 22..

22 Years old.. What will become of me ? I don’t know. Will my 22 years old in this world will be as good as my 21 years old ? As I always said, Me being 21 years old is the best year so far.. 🙂 Can this year top that ? Oh well, nobody knows I guess.. But so far I’m happy..:)

Yesterday, after I finished working with my presentation group, my friend Max, suggested me to go out with the rest of the gank (oh my god, I can not believe I use the word gank.. it so lame, anyway..). I thought, that was great idea. And then I went to my friend’s kost (Danny and Bayu) with Max before we decided to go somewhere. I went there using Max’s motorcycle. Hehehehe..;) And how unlucky we are, we caught by rain.. Huahahahaha.. And then we waited in the bus stop until the rain is over. Huehuehue.. What an experienced.. Something I won’t forget..

Anyway.. after full of consideration, finally we went to Pisa Kafe in Menteng ( Me, Bayu and Dini ). Max couldn’t go with us. Huuuu.. 🙁 But the rest of the gank is goin. With additional my friends Michel, Nongs and Yoga. Danny is already in Pisa Kafe with his friends. And Rangga and his gf is joining with us also. Quite nice btw.. and quite fun.. Counting down before I reached 22. I also got present from Danny. Hehe.. He sang a song for me last night. Pretty damn good Lad.. !!! Hahahaha.. Thanks for Danny.. It was great. He’s actually a good singer, but yet he always refuse to admit it because he said that his voice is not vibrate enough when he sang. But for me, he’s good !! 😀 No need vibration bro !!! 😀

Oh well.. pretty nice start on my 22 years old in the world.. 🙂

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