The most boring blog post I ever wrote..

It’s been a week since my last post. I realized that I haven’t write as many as I used to be. Is it because I’m soo busy (yeah right.. ). Or, it is just because my life is plainly not as excited as it’s used to be. I used to talk about so many things in my life. But now, in my head, it’s only study. It’s consumed me soo much. Huuuff.. Even now I have my own study group. Hooo.. Well, I didn’t believe I call them my study group. It should have been my ‘have fun’ group. Hehehehe..

But I really feel very tired. Yesterday exam, drove me crazy basically. And after that I expect we can go somewhere fun, instead Max went to the gym, and the rest of the boys went to fix Rangga’s pc in Ratu Plaza. And then it’s only Dini and I left behind. Oh well, we decided to eat some ice cream in Ragusa. And what we did is talk and talk. Huhuhu.. I’m soo envy with her btw. But for the detail, I can not elaborate in this post or else she will kill me. Hahahahaha..:))

And then after she drove me home. I instantly take a shower and go straight to the bed. It’s only 6 PM but I felt soo tired. So I slept for almost 10 hours. 10 Hours ? It’s quite a waste for me btw. I know I only slept about 4 hours yesterday, but 10 hours is too much for me. I even think I dropped a few IQ because I slept too much. Huhuhuhuhu..

Oh well, I don’t know what is goin on for today. But I hope I can listen well for the course and I hope I still have chance to.. hehe.. you know lah.. Wish me luck btw.. 🙂 That’s all.. It’s official that this is the most boring blog post I ever wrote. Hahahaha.. Auf Wiederhesen..

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