Fading Out..

I feel like fading out these days. Even in the crowd, when everybody talking non stop, I feel like I can not hear anything they said. It felt silent all over. I was afraid that I’ve got problem with my hearing ability. I checked with the doctor. And he said, I’m fine, maybe because I got so many things in my mind. Or in other word, I’m stressed out.

Oh well, maybe I’ve got so many things on my mind right now. And I talked with my best friend about this. I told him that I feel like in the crossroad. Everything is look grey for me. It’s kinda blur about what’s good and what’s bad. Things I must avoid. And many other stuff like that on my mind.

Well, u know what he said to me ? Not exactly that he gave me some advice. But he said some words that is really comforting me. Quoting from what you said Babe :

I can’t give you many advice, coz you just have to figure it out by yourself. You’ll get through it just fine. You probably start thinking about life , eh ? Maybe.. I was like that.. Hmmm, I know that feeling well. You’re looking for yourself. Who you are. Sounds cliche, eh? But it’s true. Really, all you have to do, is just let it bother, let yourself think bout it, let yourself get depressed bout it, let yourself get slightly (just slightly) crazy coz of it. But just remember, it’ll be over. Believe me. And it’ll come and go. So be ready to see its ugly face now and then. And really, make stupid choices, brave the impossible odds, make scary choices that normal, boring people won’t make. It’ll make life more interesting. Living a normal life ain’t fun. And I know you ain’t normal (I mean it in a good way). So, yeah, just ride it out, tough it out, get yourself beaten, but you’ll be fine and you’ll make it. Welcome to adulthood.

What can I say. He said all the right words for me. And it really open up my eyes. Adulthood.. Scary, but he’s right. I’ll get through it well, I guess. I just need to experience it I guess.

Oh well, thanks for saying all the right words to me. And thanks for not judging me. Well I guess, you’re still my best friend.. 🙂