If a picture paints a thousand words..

It also paints a thousand memories..
Hmm.. tomorrow is goin to be a brand new day for all of us. No more training. And we will become official employee in BI. Next question is, where in BI our first assignment ? I wonder. I want what I want and I wish what I wish.. But our destiny has already written by human resources in BI.. Hahaha.. :)) And the announcement is tomorrow. Nervous ? not really.. But.. I realize that everything is going to be different.

When I browsed through our pictures when we still on training.. All the memories come back to me.. We laugh together, have fun together, stressed out together, cry together.. It’s only 6 months for God sake.. But it feels like forever..

I can only wish all the best for all of us. Whatever our future is.. And how awful our job is gonna be. Hope we can always support each other. I love u all guys.. And please, believe that everything is going to be ok.. We’ll survive.. 🙂