Ini Kandang Kita !!!

That is our slogan, Indonesia national football team’s supporter slogan for AFC.. Finally I have chance to watch Indonesia’s football team play in AFC. The match is held in Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), the largest football stadium in Indonesia. I watched the match with my brother, my father, my uncle, my cousin and of course I watched the match with him. Hehehe.. it’s party of six.. 🙂

my two favorite guys..

We joined with the other Indonesia’s supporter inside GBK. It’s crazy.. We can see red and white everywhere. And I can feel the love… The love ? Yes, the love of Indonesia’s supporter to our national football team. I never felt this excited before. I mean, I can see how we really want this team to succeed in AFC. And I can feel that not only love for the national football team. It’s more love to our country, Indonesia. How people in Indonesia thirst of glory.. Glory of our nation.. Hmm.. I think it’s about time Indonesia shows our real potential.

Well, as much as we hope, but we still admit Korea is still one level above us. But it’s ok. If I saw how Indonesia’s team struggle in the field. And how spectacular our goal keeper’s performance. Hehehe.. I can say, I’m proud of them. Hope in the future, they can improve they skill and ability. And hope they will achieve more.. I hope they can be our heroes. Our people need heroes right ?

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