Second Trip to Sumatra

Finally, my first business trip in BI. Hehehe.. Not too extraordinary, just for datawarehouse training in KBI (Kantor Bank Indonesia) Palembang. I went there with my direct supervisor, Ibu Ewa. Well, basically I helped her to became co-instructor in the training.

KBI Palembang

We stayed at Novotel Palembang. Which is a very good hotel. I mean the hotel is suit for vacation actually, not business trip. The interior of the room is very unique and the room rate is extraordinary cheap for 5 stars hotel standard. It’s bout 500.000 IDR / night, ngg.. more or less.. You can see the hotel pic on it.

Novotel Bedroom

Novotel Palembang Lobby

Very comfy right ? Hmmm.. Niways, I’m not going to talk bout the hotel. Hihihi.. This trip is my second trip to Sumatra. My first trip to Sumatra when I was 10 years old I guess. My family and I went to Bandar Lampung. We went by car and crossing Sunda strait using Feri from Merak to Bakaheuni (oops, did I spell it right ?). Hihi.. IMHO I think Palembang is more interesting than Bandar Lampung. More crowded and the food is more tasty.

Pempek Palembang.. Mmm.. how can u refuse that ? Yum..yum.. I eat a lot of pempek there. Courtesy from my supervisor and my uncle. Oh yeah, I met my uncle when I’m there. He took me to see the city. Before that I met Mas Rizal also. My PCPM friend who assign in KBI Palembang. After we finished the training. He took my supervisor and I to see the city. We went to Ampera Bridge, Benteng Kuto Besak (mm.. did I spell it right ?) and not but not least the newest football stadium in Palembang, which in that place held Asian Football Confederation, hehehe.. I forgot the name of the stadium.

Football Stadion

Ampera Bridge

Well, overall it’s quite refreshing to travel. Especially traveling to another city in Indonesia. I’d love if I have chance to visit east part of Indonesia. Hope there will be any chance given to me.. šŸ™‚

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