Burger King : Not That Fast !!

Burger King
Since last week I’ve had this crave for Burger King. I really want to eat Whopper or Swiss Double Mushroom. I even drooling when I played Burger Island games. It makes me want to eat good old classic whooper in BK which have complete lettuce, onion, pickle, tomatoes and definitely nice flame grilled burger patty. Yummy..

So.. yesterday, I’ve had the opportunity to went there and eat there with Amir and Anti. Especially before Anti and I went to blow-dry our hair before we hit the stage. We only had like half and hour to eat. So fast-food restaurant is a good choice right ?
We went to Burger King in Skyline (Djakarta Theater), Amir ordered whooper and I, eventough I want to eat whooper, but swiss double mushroom looked very tempting šŸ™‚ .

Ok, my first disappointment is when my ordered didn’t come as fast as I want. I need to wait bout 5 minutes, and the result is nothing. The cashier didn’t say anything bout me take a seat first and then she will deliver the burger to our sitting place. She is busy with her friends talking and giggling. I need to asked her again bout my order and then she said to me that I can take seat first and then she will deliver my burger. Ok.. why didn’t she say to me bout that earlier. She made me stand bout 5 minutes. Ok.. it’s only 5 minutes, but we usually don’t wait that long (without any food) in the fast food restaurant. šŸ™

My second disappointment when I realized that she didn’t give me any receipt of my order. How can I claim my order if I don’t have any receipt for prove that I already pay for the food. And I came back to the cashier and asked her bout my receipt. It should be easy just to print one receipt. It only take less than 1 minute to print my receipt in McD. But it took me like 5-10 minutes to wait for her to print my receipt. And it can work after her friend help her, of course still with that giggling that annoyed me as costumer. šŸ™ šŸ™

My third disappointment is after that long, I still haven’t seen any sign of my burger. And then after Amir finished eating 50% of his whooper and then came my burger. Oh well, finally right ? But not that final. He delivered me a Swiss Single Mushroom. Hmm.. I told the cashier that I want Swiss Double Mushroom. She put my order as Swiss Single Mushroom. I never heard bout Swiss Single Mushroom. It’s always be Swiss Double Mushroom. Gosh.. Huff.. and I must wait again for them to give me the right order. šŸ™ šŸ™ šŸ™

Quite a disappointment. Especially Burger King Skyline is still new and I’m quite a BK fans. I expect excellent services. I will think twice to eat there again. Maybe I will go there again when my patient meter is high.

2 thoughts on “Burger King : Not That Fast !!

  1. Anggraini Widjanarti says:

    Actually not Baby.. In the receipt it is said Swiss Single Mushroom for 28000 IDR. If Iā€™m not mistake it is the same price as Swiss Double Mushroom I saw in the counter. Weird..


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