Dinner @ Hongkong Cafe

Yesterday I went to Sarinah to shop attributes for my band. Preparation on Thursday show. 🙂 I went shopping with him. After we finished shopping, we decided to have dinner in Hongkong Cafe. A restaurant beside Harvest which we never went there before. Hongkong Cafe is originally from Singapore. Huff.. another Singapore brand invasion in Jakarta. Oh well..

I think it’s interesting cause from the outside I can see slightly the inside interior that is quite appealing. From the name of the restaurant we can expect more oriental look in the interior of the restaurant and of course from the menu.

Hongkong cafe from outside

Oh well, I guess our expectation is quite vanish when we entered the restaurant from the first time. It’s more like east meet west restaurant. We can feel it from the ambience of the restaurant. While we went through the menu, the light jazz music playing and somehow I instantly remember of Paris. Hehehe..:P So, Paris meet Hongkong.

Inside Hongkong Cafe

hall inside Hongkong Cafe

painting in the wall inside Hongkong Cafe

It is also describe in the menu. Not exactly Parisian food but u can find steak in the menu, side by side with noodle and dim-sum. Hmm quite funny exactly, but yesterday I craved for some oriental food. So, for starter we ordered Ha Kau and Fried Prawn Dumpling, and for main course we ordered 3Cup Chicken Claypot, Kailan Garlic and Spicy Fried Squid. Definitely, we ate it with white rice.

And for the drink, I ordered Hot Honey Lemon Tea and him Ice Honey Lemon Tea.
The waitresses is really nice. The service I may say is quite excellent. The promptness of the food serving is also excellent. We only need to wait for starter and drink bout 5 minutes and 10 minutes after that they served our main course.

Ha Kau and Fried Prawn Dumpling

Squid and Kailan Garlic

Chicken Claypot

How about taste of the food ? I can say.. It is more than average. But the special thing is, the unique taste of the food. Like for the 3Cup Chicken Claypot, they mixed chicken with oyster sauce (I think) ,dried chili, red onion and some little green stuff that I forgot the name. Hihihi..:P It tasted superb !! Especially we have their special Hongkong Chili Oil to complete the taste. Why I say special ? Cause they put ebi fried inside the Chili Oil. And I can say the best chili oil I ever taste. Yummy..

yes, we are full.. :))

And overall price wise is mm.. ok.. I can say it is worth it.

If u ask, ‘will I come back ?’ Yes I will… hehe.. Another nice dinner experience with him. Next stop for this week is Poke Sushi !! Yeay.. Can’t hardly wait… 🙂

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