I look like ?!?!

I tried MyHeritage.com while waiting for my scripts finished running. It’s kinda hard to find an appropriate picture of mine to generate on MyHeritage, since my face in the picture is usually posed on 45 degrees angle, hehehe.. 😛 After I cropped several photos of mine. Finally there is one photo that can be generate on the site. And the result is :

I look like :
Rachelle Ann Go (73%), Lisa Snowdon (73%), Jessica Alba (72%), Petra Nemcova (71%), Queen Latifah (70%), Michelle Yeoh (66%), Ziana Zain (62%), Lisa Ling (61%).
The result is quite insteresing. Jessica Alba is one of the hottest celebrity in hollywood. Petra Nemcova is one of the sexiest supermodel in the world. Queen Latifah, Michelle Yeoh is popular also. I never heard bout Rachelle Ann Go and Ziana Zain. After I searched in Google. Rachelle is a singer from Philippines and Ziana Zain is a singer from Malaysia. Well, both of them is a singer, same with me I guess.. Hehehe..:P And the last is Lisa Ling. If u fan of Oprah Winfrey show, you may have seen Lisa in one of Oprah’s episode. She’s one of Oprah’s correspondent, especially for social, humanity and woman’s rights issues. I like her, because she is really smart.
Oh well, that’s my result. How bout yours ? You can try it in MyHeritage.com.

3 thoughts on “I look like ?!?!

  1. anggraini101 says:

    Iyah, yang itu aku juga nonton. Tapi yang bikin gw impress banget waktu dia ke Afrika buat wawancara istri-istri yang di tinggal suaminya dan menjadi korban perkosaan tentara setempat. Sedih banget liatnya..


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