Riddikulus !!

Spell I would say if I were a wizard, especially when I heard about this certain news. Just read another post from cafe salemba, this one is about Aceh. It is mention that they will spend about 7.4 million USD to build tsunami museum .
Yeah right, there are many tsunami survivor that still need house, job and many other things that is more important than to build a museum. I guess the idea for building the tsunami museum is good, but the timing is not right. Why don’t we fix all the need-to-be-fix and then after everything is ok, we will think bout building the museum with extraordinary budget. I mean, 7.4 million USD for God sake, we can build hundred of decent houses, we can build road and fly over, we can improve the public transportation and many other important things to the community.

2 thoughts on “Riddikulus !!

  1. anggraini101 says:

    Yes, Riddikulus is a spell in HP books.. 😉
    Bout Oprah, definitely.. I think Oprah did quite job for Hurricane Katrina victims. That’s some real help !!


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