American Style Pizza..

Well.. I had this crave yesterday. I really want to eat Pizza but in American Style (more casual : order in the cashier and pick your pizza in pick-up point). If you can see all the pizza’s restaurant in Jakarta such as : Izzi Pizza, Pizza Marzano, Avenue A and Pizza Hut, they serve the pizza very restaurant ways. They find you seat, they take your order, they serve you with plate, fork and knife, and then they serve you your pizza. I want to find Pizza restaurant with more casual atmosphere. And after full browsing in internet. I found this place with good recommendation. The place is Fast Eddie’s. It’s located in Jl. Hang Lekir 1 No. 15, just accross from Moestopo’s University.

When we arrive in Fast Eddie’s, the place’s atmosphere is really casual. Red and Green is the color theme of the place. We ordered directly in the cashier. Hmm, I’m quite carnivore yesterday so we ordered where’s the beef ? pizza with pepsi cola for me and ice lemon tea for him.

Fast Eddie’s

cashier @ Fast Eddie’s

It only took bout 10 minutes and then we had our pizza. The pizza looked yummy. The toppings of the pizza are Fast Eddie’s pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, beef pepperoni, beef salami, beef sausage and smoked beef ham.

The beef is all over the pizza. And the taste is so good. The perfect cheese melted in my mouth. The beef topping is fantastic. And the best part is that the pizza is thin and crispy. I think it’s the best so far for me.

where’s the beef ?

free wi-fi

Oh well, if you want to find pizza place with casual atmosphere and good pizza, you should go to Fast Eddie’s. They provide free wi-fi also. Definitely, nice hang out place with your friends.. 🙂

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