So many things Iā€™d like to read..

..but.. so little time ? Not really. I’ve got plenty of spare time (now). But dunno..

I love reading, but I can get easily bored if the subject is not appealing to me anymore. But, I think I’m going to change that. I will set myself to read couples of journal / post per week. I find the perfect resources, and I’m going to use it. Well, I hope the knowledge will help me if I’m goin to take my Master Degree. What ? Master Degree ? Yes, I still have ambition for it. I hope I can get Phd also.. šŸ™‚ You can say, dream on little girl. But I guess it is not wrong to dream high. šŸ˜€

Niways, got some news bout Indonesia. First bout news that there will be another earthquake in Sumatra šŸ™ . Exact position, they predict it will happen along Sumatra’s western coast. The scientist predict that the earthquake is bigger than previous. And it could be a rare magnitude-9-quake ( 9 Richter Scale ) šŸ™ . They also afraid that the earthquake will trigger another tsunami :(. It’s kinda very bad news, isn’t it ? Honestly, I’m scared. Scared imagine that the whole story is going to happen :(. But I guess, we must leave it to Allah the Almighty. Just hope for the best and definitely prepare for the worse.

And second news is about Indonesia’s economic. That in this IMF article that Indonesia (now) is in better shape. I hope it’s not only in the article.. šŸ™‚

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