Did u ever try to smoke ?

My friend asked me this question today. And I simply answer : ‘No’. And then he asked ‘Why ?’. Hmm.. maybe because my parents is not a smoker. I grew up in free-of-smoke-environment. Umm.. except for my granddad maybe. But, he stop after being told with my brother that smoking is bad. Hahaha.. the power of innocent little child for telling things to older people.. 🙂 Oh well, I never ever try to smoke. Not even tempted to try it.. Thanks God I have that strength..

And then he asked me the next question. ‘Did u ever try to drink ?’. Hehehe.. for this answer, I simply asked ‘Yes’. Well, I’m not proud of it, cause it is not align with my religion. But I think I was just curious at that moment and I just want to experience something new. Well curiosity that led me to try Red Wine, White Wine, Champagne, Baileys, Tequila, Beer, and Cosmopolitan. Whaaaat ?!?! Huehehehe.. 😛

Why I did that ? And why I never tried to smoke ? Well, my honest opinion is that I think it is saver (for being not addicted) drinking than smoking. And I drink only one or two zip. Just to give a taste of it. My first experience is when I accompanied my father to attend some conference ate Berlin Opera House. Well it’s more like a party. Champagne, Red Wine and White Wine were everywhere.. I was freezing cold at the moment. And somehow I remember what my friend said to me about when you drink, it will raise the temperature of your body. Soo.. I asked for my father permission to taste those drinks. And he said, ‘Ok, as long is not too much..’. Well he have his own reason. He said, ‘yeah, once in your lifetime it’s ok..’ Hehehe..

Well.. that is all I guess.. If u ask me ‘will I drink again ?’. The answer is simply ‘No’. Since now, I have my new brand anchor who will not approve if I try those things again.. 😛 It’s over for me. Once in my lifetime is enough.. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Did u ever try to smoke ?

  1. R. Ferdy Ferdian says:

    first step, laid back, take a pack of Lucky Strike Menthol, feel the very fresh in your mouth on every single breath you take.

    next step, a glass of Long Island, or, JD, or, Black Label.

    ahhh…bad old days!!!


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