..the almost perfect day..

Soo.. There is 50 % percent offer at all INVIO and Atmosphere’s outlet for all bankers. This offer is for all items. Special promotion for Banker’s Day. Yeay.. It’s exciting for me, since I love INVIO design for Office outfit. I thought I need new blazer. Well.. It will never be enough.. 😛

I started the day with quite happy feeling. Actually I want to treat my parents to eat dim sum. Oh no.. I still have this crave for dim sum. But they don’t want dim sum they want to eat crab. Uuhh.. ok.. So I change my plan. And I was thinking.. Umm.. Why don’t I please myself.. First, I can go to Beauty Salon, to have cream bath. And then I can go shopping at INVIO.. 😀

It started ok for my first plan. But when I start shopping.. Things happen. Oh well, don’t want to elaborate on this blog. Because it is not appropriate. So the thing is.. I was shopping in hurry.. Daaanggg… Ciiiiihhhh… 🙁 Cause I ‘only got’ 15 minutes.. So I don’t have any other time to choose other items. So the result is I only bought 1 blazer (black), 2 blouses (brown and blue). Ok.. So I put my frown face cause I felt bad 😛 . Oh well, cause I’m a plan-freak 😛 . The shopping-in-hurry is quite ruining my plan. And it even worse when I was accused that “shopping is more important for you.. and stuff.. ” WTF ?!?!?! 😛 Nyeeehh.. But it is ok. I’m quite satisfied from what I’ve got. 🙂

Nooo.. I’m not complaining anymore.. Nooo.. I just want to write it on my blog. Because It will make me feel better. I’m exaggerating ? Ouwh.. Whatevaa.. Maybe I’m on my PMS time.. Hahahaha.. 😀 That’s it.. I’m already over it..


Case Closed.. Ouwh.. my so-called-almost-perfect-day… 😀