When I try to optimize the benefit of my Clear Card..

Basically.. Not many of Clear Card’s benefit can offer for me. I mean if u see the other credit card promotion.. Mm as example : Mandiri, UOB or even ANZ from Panin. They offer us up to 50 % discount.

The most crazy offer is from Everyday Card Mandiri, they offer 75 % discount at Izzi Pizza every Friday. Quite spectacular for me personally. I mean, if u ate there cost 600,000 IDR, by using Everyday Card Mandiri, you only pay 150,000 IDR. Woow right ?
Niways, after many rejections for my credit card application, finally I got my first credit card. What ? After 2 years working ? Yups, and it is Clear Card from Citibank. My very first credit card.. 😛 Oh well, actually I also apply for Mandiri Credit Card (Visa and Master). They said that they accept my application, but unfortunately it still on its way to my hand (it’s still on delivery progress by their courier).

The reason I applied for Clear Card, is because, me and him always like to watch premiere movies at EX Studio XXI. The movies always premiere on Wednesday. And Clear Card offer buy one get one promotion of the tickets. So, if the price of one ticket is 25,000 IDR. We can have two tickets with the same price by using Clear Card. And it is only valid on Wednesday. It will save us a lot, especially when winter movie season (holiday season) is coming.

But, for other promotions ? Hmm.. there is also buy one get one promotion at Hard Rock Cafe (HRC). But it is only valid on Thursday. Other promotions ? Mmm.. not quite appealing for me. 😛

Oh well, after I did full browsing at sendokgarpu.com I found that they got 10 % Clear Card discount at Citrus Cafe. I think it’s ok to try. And the review for this cafe is quite good (I read it at sendokgarpu.com and makanmulu.com).

So today we plan to break our fasting at Citrus Cafe. We ordered fried mushrooms, sirloin steak with eggs (for me), and oxtail fried with rice (for him). Overall, the taste is good. Price wise is ok. Not too expensive. And the ambiance is nice. Cozy romantic. Yeah, it suit us.. 🙂

fried mushrooms

sirloin steak with eggs

We agree the champion for today meal is the fried mushrooms. The mushrooms is juicy yummy. The crumbs is great. Not too much and also tasty. Well, for the sirloin. For me is ok. Oh well, if I compare it with HRC’s Steak, of course it is not apple to apple. HRC’s steak is from US prime steak, but in Citrus Cafe the steak is from Australia Beef.


After Citrus Cafe. I plan to treat him some dessert. Actually I wanted to go to some place where we can hang out and talk.. 🙂 So.. We went back to central Jakarta. Hehehe.. 😛 And we went to Paparazzi Lounge at Plaza Indonesia. They have nice view of Bunderan HI. We ordered Tiramisu and Iced Lemon Tea. The tiramisu is yummy..yummy.. Big portion and the taste is nice. Not too much.. 🙂

view from Paparazzi

tiramisu @ paparazzi

Oh well, in the end of the day. I had great dinner, great dessert, great view and great conversation.. Very nice weekend indeed.. 🙂

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