Once Upon Vietopia..

Bukan Utopia looh.. I don’t think that there is such thing like Utopia. This is Vietopia. A Vietnamese restaurant at Cikini.

Finally, on one cold evening (because the rain) we decided to have dinner at Vietopia. First option was on Rendezvous. It is one of Halal Chinese Food which located at Jl. Johar, Menteng, near Gondangdia train station. The chicken fried noodle is superb in Rendezvous. He always want to try other menus in there. But I had this crave to eat something like soup and it must hot and spicy. And then.. we change our destination to Vietopia. I read several of this restaurant’s reviews earlier that day. Most of the reviewer said that Noodle Soup in Vietopia is good. And it is also one of their speciality. Mmmm…

The place is nice, it’s near Bakoel Koffee in Cikini. It’s kinda oldies, the ambiance is just like when we ate at Ragusa Ice Cream in Jl. Veteran. I ordered Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup). One of their speciality. It is Vietnam’s Noodle Soup. The soup is very light but tasty. I always like to put more green chilies, bean sprout and also cilantro on the soup. Don’t forget to add more lemon lime (jeruk nipis). It will make the soup’s taste fresher. The Australian beef in the soup also yummy. They put quite a lot of beef. And the vermicelli, is light, they cooked it right. I thought the portion of the Pho Bo is quite big. I only ate half of it, the rest of the soup, I gave it to him.. 😀

Pho Bo

Inside Pho Bo

For him, he ordered Ca Mu Chien (Fried Grouper with Sweet Sour Sauce). It is already one packet with rice. 😀 Oh well, for dinner, he must eat carb. 😛 . The portion of the rice is not suit for him. It should be more. But the grouper fish is quite big (for one portion size). They fried the grouper nice. Not to dry, and they still keep the juice of the grouper’s meat. I like the sweet sour sauce. It is fresh and also tasty.

Ca Mu Chien

Overall, I love to experienced an authentic Vietnam food in Vietopia. The food is great and definitely worth to try !! 😀

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