Romance at Huize Trivelli

I went to this restaurant several times. This is because the owner is my father’s friends and restaurant’s location is very near from my house. But unfortunately I haven’t had time to review it.

Yesterday he asked me to have dinner to celebrate our so-called-5-months-anniversary. Huehehehe.. we never did the anniversary thing. This is because, personally, for me (and us ) it’s not that big a deal to celebrate anniversary if you’re only in a relationship. I mean not married yet. But it’s nice when sometimes we do something different at our anniversary.

Ok, so he selected Huize Trivelli for our dinner place. It’s nice tough, so I can also write the review for the restaurant. The concept of the restaurant is oldies. It’s oldies but not creepy like in Lara Djonggrang. Hehehe.. Well they describe them selves as Heritage Resto and Pattisier. Heritage indeed. From in front of the restaurant you can see all the antique interior. And when you entered the restaurant, you felt like you entered some ‘inlander’ house when Jakarta still have the name Batavia on it. The furniture is very antique yet cozy. They have many old pictures of Batavia. To accentuate the concept of the restaurant. The selection of music makes the ambiance blend with the concept. You can heard the songs like Potong Bebek Angsa and also some dutch’s song.

For the food their specialty is Rijstafel dining. It is a Dutch colonial adaption for Indonesian dinner. Very unique. I first heard the Rijstafel stuff from this restaurant. The ambiance is very cozy. Just like their logo, it feels like home. They have many sofas inside the restaurant. The pictures, the pile books, the piano and also the gramophone makes you feel like you’re in your home but 80 years ago. Hihihihi..

Interior at Huize Trivelli (1)

Interior at Huize Trivelli (2)

I took many pictures inside the restaurant, it is because I love the interior and I want to use my new T70 Cyber Shot from Sony. Yes, ladies and gentleman, finally I have my own digital camera !!.. 🙂

old pictures

Interior at Huize Trivelli (3)

We ordered Macaroni Schotel for appetizer (12.5k), Trivelli Chicken Steak (35k) for my main course, Chateubriand Aux Champignons (40k) for his main course, and Trivelli Klappertart Mousse (12.5) for our dessert. For beverages, we ordered Teh Sereh for me and Hot Lemon Tea for him.

Macaroni Schotel is fantastic. They used chicken meat inside the macaroni instead cornet beef. They only put sausage beef on top of the macaroni. The macaroni schotel is quite juicy. Quite creamy but tasty. Definitely good. I tasted it before, but I guess they improve the recipe. I Love it..

Macaroni Schotel

For the main courses, I think the taste is just OK. I don’t see any different from chicken steak and the chateubriand. The different is from the meat they use. Chateubriand is beef. The cooking technique also the same. They fried the chicken and the beef. And then they served it with mushroom sauce. And of course they put vegetables and fried potato (not french fries, because it didn’t look like french fries) as the garnish.

Trivelli Chicken Steak

Chateubriand aux Champignons

Because the main course’s portion is quite big. We got full before dessert time. So we decided to wrap up our dessert. We ordered klappertart. And I can say the Klappertart is DELICIOUS.. It’s the best from this restaurant so far. Really should try the Klappertart mouse.. 🙂


In the end, it’s a really nice dinner. The restaurant capacity is not that big. Only for 30 pax. I guess it’s nice of you want to have private party in this restaurant. Very private and very unique indeed.

2 thoughts on “Romance at Huize Trivelli

  1. Rikie v.Tongeren says:

    Ik moet even wat kwijt, ook wij zijn hier gaan eten, nog niet zo heel lang geleden,nl 9 maart 2009.
    Maar ik vond het echt niks,zelfs mijn man niet en hij is ook een echte indo!!!!! De porties veel te klein, bvde macaronischotel.Die stog je in je holle kies.


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