The Warmest Heart

A long time ago
When everythin so grey and unpleasant
I dreamt of a heart
A heart that warmth spread across my universe

The Warmest Heart
That’s what I called
A scoope of hope
That’s what people called

Long before I can feel it’s present
Long before that I’ve been numb
And one day..
It came to approach me

A happiness that I felt strange
Reality that took all of my gravity
And makes me wonder..
How can everything fall into this ?

I felt like waking up from my long sleep..
The air is light and crispy..
I can smell sweet of cinnamon
And that hope is not lost after all..

The Warmest Heart I found..
The Warmest Heart I own..
The Warmest Heart I keep..
And all the happiness in the world..


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