Pancious, Oh So Delicious !!

Well, we were quite hungry after we did our survey (mom and I). So we decided to have late lunch at Pancious at Permata Hijau. I also want to use my voucher at Pancious. I got it from . I read from the review, it is said that the restaurant’s speciality is Pancake. Umm.. Pancake ? And you start wondering. Pancake is for breakfast. Not for lunch or dinner. Well, you will surprise if you visit the restaurant. They serve not only sweet pancakes but also savory pancakes.


We ordered Mint Ice Tea (14k IDR) and Iced Cappucino (21k IDR) for our drinks. And for the food, we ordered Spaghetti Carbonara (35k IDR), Smoked Beef Pancake (30k) and Fruitie Pancake Satay (24k).

Let’s review it one by one..

For the drinks : I can say that the best Mint Ice Tea I’ve tasted so far. They blended the mint leaves and then they mixed it with original ice tea. It’s very refreshing.

Mint Ice Tea and Ice Cappucino

For the Spaghetti Carbonara : I can say, it’s so-so. Not that special. And if we saw the price tag. Not that worth it. The portion is medium. And not recomended. I think I can made this spaghetti better if I cooked it on my own.

Spaghetti Carbonara

For the Smoked Beef Pancake : Well, this is fantastic. I never thought that I can eat pancake like this. This is yummy, and I highly recomend this. The pancake is great. They served it with mixed of Smoked Beef, Pineapple, Cheese melt and cream (under the cheese). DELICIOUS !! Definitely.. The taste is like mix and match with sweet, salty and also sour.

Smoked Beef Pancake

And the last one, Fruitie Pancake Satay : Umm.. If you saw the presentation, it is very attractive. They served the pancake with strawberry and kiwi fruit. And also with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. The ice cream is great mixed perfectly with the pancake and the fruits. But for the chocolate syrup. Well, no comment. I don’t like chocolate. I asked the servant to replace it with maple syrup. Hehe.. it’s still nice.. 🙂

Pancake Satay

Overall, the restaurant is nice. The food is good and the place also cozy and I can say also romantic.

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