Today, is My last day at work.. 2007..

Gosh, so many things happen in this year. And lots of it, is a very good news. Can I say this year is a good year for me ? Let me make the list :

  • Finally, I’ve become permanent employee in this institution. And I already adapt with the new work environtment
  • I found myself in a new relationship. Yeayy.. !! He’s so adorable.. 😛 Love u Mas.. Hope it will be forever for us.
  • I got myself new friends..
  • My best friends tied the knot.. Yippi.. And one baby is coming on board..
  • I had my first experience travelling to Celebes.
  • I got myself new gadgets, new hand phone, new camera digital.
  • I got to shop.. shop.. shop.. I LOVE IT !! New bags, new shoes, new clothes.. ZARA, Liz Clairborne, G2000, La Senza.. Ouwhh I love it.. 🙂
  • I got new internet connection. Fast and fabulous. Bye..bye.. Speedy..
  • And a lot more..

My new year resolution.. Hmm I just want to be a better person.. That’s all.. 🙂

Well, Happy New Year to all of u !! Welcome 2008, and Goodbye 2007..

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