Visit Indonesia 2008

Here is the logo :

Visit Indonesia 2008

Nicely made I can say. And the tag line also catchy : ‘celebrating 100 years of nation’s awakening‘. I like it actually. Celebrate our true essence of nation’s awakening on 20 May 1908. The logo is inspired by Garuda Pancasila as nation’s symbol.

I heard that government allocate 17.5 billion IDR to support Visit Indonesia 2008. Well it’s a lot of money. The package is nicely created, I just hope the execution of the program will be as expected. For our thoughts by the way, as Indonesian, we promote foreigners to visit our country and get to know our culture.. Umm.. How well do we know our country ? Some of us still prefer to visit abroad for vacation, or go to Bali for vacation. Well Indonesia is not only Bali. And Indonesia is not only Java and Sumatra island. There are still a lot to see in here. We are melting pot nation. And for me, to learn about culture in every provinces in Indonesia is fascinating. I just hope we can look back to our traditional root. Or at least try getting know of it.. 🙂

One of the programs in Visit Indonesia 2008 is Java Jazz 2008. 🙂 I already bought the ticket. Early bird of course. Yeayy.. 🙂 They provide online ticketing. Just visit the website and you can pay it via Credit Card or Bank Transfer. There will be Al Jarreau, Erykah Baru, Renee Olstead, Manhattan Transfer and many more. Something to look up to on 7,8,9 March 2008. Yippii.. ^_^

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