Dining at Gourmet Garage

Just went there yesterday with my family. Actually we didn’t have plan to eat there. But because we want to go somewhere new, I instantly remember new restaurant at Kemang. The name is Gourmet Garage. It used to be Barbados Cafe. But they tore down Barbados and they replace it with this brand new restaurant.

From outside it looks like some kind of warehouse. I never heard about this restaurant before. So I have no idea what kind of concept they offer to us. When my mom asked me whether I’ve been there before, I asked no. And encourage my family ‘Why don’t we just try it.. 🙂 ‘

At first glance, I thought they offer concept like Marche Movenpick Restaurant. It is where we choose our food into counters and the marked our food with stamps into the ticket. But then I was wrong. They just combine gourmet food market, western bistro,oyster bar, japanese resto, gelatisserie and cake shop into one place so we can enjoy non-stop culinary experience. Perfect experience to taste culinary world.

Gourmet Market


They sit us in second floor, near the window. I love the architecture of the restaurant. It made me remember about market in San Francisco. The ambiance is very cozy and earthy. The domination of woods in the interior kinda makes this earthy feelings. When I looked around I saw many expatriate and their college. Well it makes me feel even more like not in Indonesia.

up to second floor

Japanese Corner


Western Bistro

And it is time to order. We ordered JBay Caesar Salad (35k IDR) with extra chicken (15k IDR), Cajun Chicken Salad (33k IDR), Spaghetti Bolognaise (36k IDR), Passion Linguine (38k IDR) with extra prawn (20k IDR) and Rebel Raiser Dog (38k IDR) with extra mushroom (10k IDR). For the drinks we ordered Iced Mocca (22k IDR) and Regular Iced Tea (12k IDR).

They serve the food in time. It means not too long and not too fast. Our servant is quite nice, very bubbly and assertive. And even tough we sat quite in the corner, they respond quickly if we asked for them. I love their service.

How about the taste ? Let me break down. First is about JBay Caesar Salad. The taste is nice. But for caesar salad it is quite so-so. If u see the price, not that worth it for the portion. I still prefer izzi pizza caesar salad and coffee bean caesar salad. But they served it nicely. They cut the lettuce perfectly so we don’t need to use knife to cut it again.

JBay Caesar Salad with extra chicken

For the Spaghetti Bolognaise is also so-so. It is nice but not that oh-so-delicious. Yet the presentation was very nice

Spaghetti Bolognaise

For the Passion Linguine, it is DELICIOUS. It is very tasty but not too much. The taste of basil leaves is fantastic. I love it. And the extra prawn ? Oh so worth it. The prawn is very juicy. They cooked it perfectly. Not too dry, not too moist but still can keep the juicy and freshness of the prawn in my mouth. Aaahh I love it.. I want it.. Again..

Passion Linguine with extra prawn

But my favourite is Cajun Chicken Salad. Oh this food is breathtaking. Suprisingly yummy.. The presentation is very good. Same like the caesar salad, they cut the lettuce into the right proportion of salad, so we don’t need to use knife to cut it again. First I try the lettuce it taste kinda sour but fresh. It is because they put passion fruit as the dressing. Then I try mandarin orange and green tomatoes. The mix of it is very fresh. And then I try the cajun chicken. It just WOWW.. Very unique combination of sour and spicy. Never taste salad like this before. And I love it. The cajun chicken is the toast. Love every bite of it. Definitely recomended.

Cajun Chicken Salad

So far good news ? Well I give you bad news. From all of the menu we ordered, I’m very dissapointed with Rebel Raiser Dog. It is very bad. Not recommended. The only thing that good in this food is only the french fries. The extra mushroom is too dry and too many garlic. The coleslaw, oohh it just not fresh, like you bought it one week ago. The chili dog is not please me at all. And the sausage ? Well I can say that frankfurter still A LOT BETTER than that. The combination of all of it, is just horrible.. They should remove it from the menu I guess..

Rebel Raiser Dog with extra mushroom

Oh well.. The total damage is 333,8k IDR. Whoops.. Hehehe I didn’t bother at all, cause my father paid the bill.. 😀 That’s another culinary experience of mine. Umm.. what’s next ?

8 thoughts on “Dining at Gourmet Garage

  1. dhani says:

    I wonder how you make this review with your family?? Did you kidnapped other’s meal. Took a picture of it. And took a little bite this and there. And return back the remaining..??hehe.. Great review though. 🙂


  2. i yong ae says:

    regards for all gourmet garage crew, especially Mr. Austine n family, “apa kabar pak?”masih ingat saya?. i am sorry about Kobayashi sang. wish d best always. thank u


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