Just Think Twice : Free Sex without Condom


I wrote this is not without any reason at all. I’ve seen the damage that young people cause because of their stupidity. I know the world is going crazy right now. Especially in Indonesia. Many youngsters don’t value virginity that much. Free sex is just OK.. Even tough in Islam is forbid to have sexual relation with people who is not your husband/wife.

I don’t care what they are doing. They don’t give a shit about their religion, I don’t care. But why don’t they care or at least trying to care with people who love them. If you want to have sex with your partner, GO AHEAD. If you like it, do it. And if you know the consequences and ready to embrace it, then do it. I don’t really care. It’s your life. It’s their life..

What I can say is.. Just play safe. Use condom. Even in your first time. Use condom. It’s cheap.. And it will prevent you from being pregnant before time (which will cost you even bigger). What if your man doesn’t want to use condom ? Then, force him or else just don’t do sex with him.

So, what if shit happens.. Like.. ‘Oh I was so drunk.. and I forgot to use condom..’ Aaah.. lame excuse.. If shit happens.. Here is the scenario from hell. You will pregnant. Your sin is become hall of shame for your family. If you come from respect family, one thing your family will do is forcing you to get married with the man who cause you became pregnant. Even thought the man is not currently working or even worse drop out from school.. Ok, get married, that’s not hard. Mmh.. ok.., in the next 9 months, your baby will born. And you find yourself, with a baby, without any money you can provide from your skills (ah yes, you’re pregnant before you finish your school) and your husband is not working also. In the end you will find yourself in a very horrible situation. You rely yourself in your parent. They still give you money in the time you should give them back money. You will be a burden for your family. You will make every things hard. And you will make everybody sad.

That’s only the case if you only get pregnant. If your partner have STD. You will get STD also if you don’t use condom. And next you will ask, what is STD ? Humm.. I only can give you one good example of STD. Do you familiar with AIDS ? AIDS is a good example of STD. Aahh.. another nightmare right ?

Have you think about that ? Well just think twice if you want to have sex. Oh well, if you like sex, at least please use condom. It’s a lot cheaper than the damage you will cost if you don’t use condom.

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