Teddy Bear, Shopping and His Parents

Last Saturday, I spent the day with his family. Well actually that was not the first time I went out with his family. But I never actually put in my blog. Hehe..

So we went to Senayan City. We had lunch at Kedai Desa. It’s Sundanese Food, and it is quite ok. I love the ‘nasi bakar’. It’s yummy. We had a nice lunch. And somehow I already felt comfortable with his parents. Well.. In my honest opinion, his parents is somehow like my parents but in opposite way. His Father is very talkative, love talking, spontaneous and basically pretty much like my mother. And his mother is more quite, analytical, well definitely like my father.

After lunch we went to Debenhams. And the shopping spree is began. It’s SALE everywhere. Well the thing is, his mother also love shopping. Something that we have in common. Hehe.. But in the end result is I have one shopping bag, his mother is none. I bought one skirt for office and one white blouse. Hehehe.. I really adore his mother. I think that we have something in common like she’s a working mother ( I’m goin to be a working mother also, Amin), love working (same..same..), love shopping (definitely) and love to wear colour (pink, purple..) . Umm.. I also think that so many things I can learn from her. Like her patient to take care of his grandmother. To balance between work, home and children. Well I think she did a very good job. She raised him very well. 🙂 Well I’m glad that I have someone to ask for when I got clueless in married life. Beside my mother of course.. 🙂

Ok, after Debenhams, I found very huge Teddy Bear in Senayan City’s lobby. Aaah.. can not help it.. I took some pictures with the Teddy Bear. Uuu.. It’s huge, and cuddly. I love it.

Huge Teddy Bear

And the we went to his home. I played with his nephew.. Farel.. Soo cute. He’s very adorable. I took him on my arms and after a while he fell asleep. Hihihi.. ^_^. Aaah.. what a day.. I love it.

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