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Nowadays in the world, there are many people working at home. Whether they run their company remotely, their home is their office, or simply a full time blogger. Wondering I write such a post. No worries, I’m not going to talk about stuff that he always talking in his blog. I just wondering, if you have your chances to work at home, what kind of workplace you would like to have.

For me, I probably will put my PC/laptop near the book rack. And probably I would go with earthy tone in my workplace. So it will make me feel cozy and homy.. 🙂 This is the example workplace that I like, I took it from

Workplace 1

Well.. if you work at home, what kind of workplace you would like to have ? Tell me.. tell me.. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Working At Home..

  1. vie says:

    mbak, aq sering baca blogmu loh. ga sengaja waktu searching tentang BI. mo nanya mbak dulu waktu kul jurs apa sih? statististik y? coz aq jg jurs statistik n pengen banget masuk BI. sapa tau suatu saat bisa masuk situ jg


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