Crap !!

One and many reasons that makes me scream that word today…

  1. My Computer is broken. Yup, the fan inside my office computer is dead, so my computer refuse to start-up. Gosh.. And I was in the middle of my work.. Luckily we still have another computer un-used, and all the component in the computer still working properly. I moved my hard disk and memory from my old computer to my new computer. My computer is working properly now. Thank God. But I still upset about the-98-percent-process-on-going before my old computer shut down..
  2. I got new pile of works today. And every note on my works scream : ‘IMMEDIATELY’. Gossh.. Prioritize people !!! I got confuse honestly, which one I must finish first.. Just choose.. Make the must do list. And start working.. One by one and everything is going to be ok..
  3. Goodbye to my-so-called-long-weekend… Huhuhuhu.. Why oh why.. You make such a drastic decision… It’s a simple decision for God Sake.. Huhuhuhu…

Umm.. And yes.. Crap !! Oh maybe this is my PMS talking…

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