Our First Candle Light Dinner..

Well.. actually he had plan asking me to have candle light dinner on Valentine Day. But unfortunately all the restaurants that he called is fully booked. So.. we decided to watch LOVE movie at Setiabudi.

After we had the ticket, we decided to have dinner in Setiabudi One. First option is Sushi Groove. But then we found nice cafe in second floor. And the ambiance is quite romantic. So, we went to Amadeus Cafe.
Well, the ambiance is cozy and romantic. They decorate the cafe with baloons and ribbons. And in every table there are candles. 🙂 They offer us with Valentine Special Set Menu. But the dessert is Tiramisu, and I’m craving with chocolate hot melt so we decided to turn down the offer.

us !!

We ordered Mushroom Cappucino for appetizer and Chocolate Volcano Melt for dessert. For main course I ordered Grilled Salmon Fillet (92k IDR) and for hi, he ordered Filet a la Sebastian 180 gr (99k IDR). I forgot the price for the appetizer and dessert..

Mushroom Cappucino is a mushroom soup. But somehow they served it like Cappucino. The soup had foam like in Cappucino. The mushroom is good. They cut it quite big. And for the taste. Umm.. I don’t really like it because I can taste sweet in the soup. But for him, He said that the soup is good.

Mushroom Cappucino

For the main courses. We LOVE it !!!.. For his course, Fillet a la Sebastian, they cooked the meat perfectly. It is soft, tender and juicy. Very good. And for the gravy. I’s yummy. Not too much, the proportion is good. For my main course, Grilled Salmon Fillet. Uuu.. it’s purrfeeeccctt.. All the combination is nice. I love how they cooked the salmon. It looked dry, but when you cut it, it still moist and juicy. And the vegetables also good. They cooked it well.

Fillet a la Sebastian

Grilled Salmon Fillet

And last but not least is the dessert. He love the dessert. He said that the dessert is pretty much his taste. I also love the dessert. The chocolate is very warm and the most important for me, that it is not too sweet. Overall, the dinner is perfect. The place, the service and the food is very nice. Owh.. forgot to mention, please do not order mineral water in this cafe. It is cost 25k IDR. It’s more expensive than ice tea (18k IDR). Hehehe..

For the movie ? Well LOVE is more like Love Actually. Actually (hehe..), the movie is inspired from Love Actually. But the writer adapt it with stories in Indonesia. It is nice. And one of the Indonesia Movies that worth to watch in theaters.

LOVE movie

In the end, it is such a lovely days.. Thank u so much darling.. One day to go.. Yeayy !!! 😀

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