I’m a Bug.. A Gorgeous Bug !!

Wehehehe.. look at me in this enormous sunglasses.. I looked like a bug, a gorgeous bug of course.. ^_^ It’s a perfect sunglasses, cause of the size it really protect me from the sun. Honestly, when I wore it I feel a little bit like one of the Kamen Rider Wehehehe..


with my gorgeous fiancee

Even tough maybe some of you think that this sunglasses is ridiculous (well yeah, some of you..) . I don’t care. I think this sunglasses is cool and suprisingly, this sunglasses is very comfortable to wear. I love it. I almost want to buy it. But when I got into the cashier I realized that I had no money in my wallet so I tried to use my debit and credit card but they had some problem with the connection line. So.. I left that sunglasses on the store. And this week it will be mine !!! Wehehehehe… ^_^

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