My ‘Me’ Time !!

my ‘me’ time

Well.. I just realized that since I left my ‘single’ status, I kinda left my-me-quality-time habit. I used to hang out alone in coffee shop (my favorite is Brew & Co in Menteng Plaza) and read some of my books. And I kinda miss it. Umm.. I slightly miss it.. Hehehe..

Yesterday we planned to watch Spiderwick Chronicles (which btw, I love the movie). I went to EX on 05:00 PM and the movie is start at 07:30 PM. Cause my fiancee is still in client. So approximately at 06:30 PM he arrived EX. I had to wait one hour.

I spent my-one-hour time in Starbucks in front of Studio XXI. I ordered Iced Americano Decaf (I love black coffee ^_^) and I brought my new favorite book from Sophie Kinsella. The Shopaholic stories, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. Hehehe.. yes right.. Finally I read the shopaholic series. I love Rebecca Bloomwood. Hehe.. Well I can say that.. I understand her ‘problem’. Wehehehehe…

Umm.. it’s been a while and I really enjoy it. I should schedule for my ‘me’ time quite often. Btw, let me show you why I love Starbucks more than Coffee Bean. One of the reason is this sign :


Hehe.. the non smoking sign. I love it. I think we can enjoy caffein more without adding any nicotin in the flavour. But then again, I always order decaf… Hihi.. Eventough I love the coffee in Coffee Bean more than Starbucks. But I can barely see everything inside Coffee Bean. Yes, it is because the pollution that the smokers cause.. Hehehe.. Umm but, the Coffee Bean in Senayan City can be exclude from the list. Well, cause of their location (in the center of the mall), they also put the non-smoking sign. Hahaha.. I love it.. ^_^

5 thoughts on “My ‘Me’ Time !!

  1. Miss Lai Lai says:

    ooooh..I love ME-Time. And I love Sophie Kinsella’s book. I have read most of them, though the last one (Shophaholic with Babies) is on the to-get list.

    Rebecca Bloomwood is so ditzy yet funny! =)


  2. Anggraini Widjanarti says:

    @Miss Lai Lai : Veenn… Tosss dulu kalo gitu kitaa.. 🙂

    @koko : Yes I agree.. is almost the same as coffee bean but the prize is more expensive and the place is not that comfortable to hang out…


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